Peaceful Retirement Retreat

Tucked back into the woods, overlooking a private reservoir, we took this interior design project room by room to create a peaceful retreat. The house had a nice flowing floor plan through the main level, but needed colors and decor to follow suit. We didn’t want the rooms to look the same, but relate to each other with soft transitions of coordinating colors and patterns.

Custom area rugs enable us to get the sizes just right for the spaces and furniture layouts. Putting simpler, textured fabrics on the upholstery allowed us to be a bit more daring with patterns on the drapes, pillows and bedding. Trim details added to chair skirts, drapes and pillows, add another level of depth in design.

You don’t notice all the details right away, they are slowly discovered as you spend time in the space. When you are in this house you are immersed into nature and the colors and patterns we used reflect it.